Who Are We?

Our History

Our funding

OUr Focus

The Hope Center was established September 2012 under the leadership of New Hope Fellowship Church.

The thrust of this ministry is to provide a collaborative (interfaith) outreach to those in our community and surrounding areas who are struggling with life’s weights, worries, and woes.

The Hope Center Utah is an established 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. We are listed among Utah’s Division of Corporations and operates solely on the contributions of its members, grants, and other sponsors. All directors and staff members are non-salaried volunteers.

Nominal stipends may be afforded to select volunteers to defray travel costs and extraneous expenses; otherwise, all designated contributions will go directly to those in need.

For those who need a bit of encouragement, a kind ear, or a warm non-judgmental heart, give us a call and we’ll make arrangements to meet.

Appointments can be made for counseling or any other service provided by our team of volunteers. For those needs/requests outside the scope of the Hope Center, compassionate volunteers will assist in a referral to an appropriate agency.

Sharing & Caring for Utah’s Hungry, Hurting, & Hope-seeking